FUN is the name of the game!

Whirlyball can be described as a combination of Hockey, Basketball, and Jai-lai…all inside bumper car like vehicles known as WhirlyBugs! It features a unique steering system that allows your car to be very maneuverable and get competitive in a five on five game! Your goal is to shoot a softball-sized whiffle ball at a backboard with a 15-inch scoring hole in the center. It’s the ultimate group activity for parties or corporate events, reserve your spot today!

COST: $200 per hour
We recommend one hour of Whirlyball for every 10 – 15 players. Whirlyball at the Fieldhouse is by reservation only.

All Whirlyball participants (or legal guardians of Whirlyball participants under 18 years of age) are required to sign a Fieldhouse waiver form and photo release.


Lots of people can enjoy Whirlyball, we just have a couple of requirements to ensure player safety and maximum fun:

  • Be at least 12 years old
  • Be over 4’6″ in height
  • Be of good cardiac health
  • Not be intoxicated
  • Not pregnant
  • Have no neck or back problems

Register Today!

Whirlyball is available at the Shelby location. Just give us a call and reserve your spot!

(586) 731-3080

Whirlyball court reservations require a 50% deposit. This deposit will be applied to the cost of your event and the balance will be due immediately prior to the start of your reserved time. We are unable to “hold” any time without a deposit. Whirlyball food and beverage reservations require a deposit of 50% due upon acceptance of an event proposal by the customer. Final guest counts and the remaining estimated amount are due 7 days prior to the event date. Please note that all food and beverage services are subject to 20% gratuity and 6% sales tax. The Fieldhouse reserves the right in its discretion to cancel reservations at any time in which event all deposits made by the customer will be returned as the customer’s sole remedy. Deposits are otherwise non-refundable and non-transferable.