Team Building Programs for Schools and Community Groups

Teams need to practice, and practice is what they do at the Joe Dumars' Team and Leadership Center. Our innovative workshops give hands-on experience to all sorts of teams -- from cooperative athletes, youth groups, and community service organizations. Focusing on growth and improvement, our programs build upon a variety of adventure-based activties, from group initiatives and simulations to high ropes and climbing walls. Sessions reach far beyond classroom theory to provide practical experience and valuable insights that will have a lasting impact on the performance of teams and team members.


Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart Team Building Program

The Jumpstart Team Building Program is intended for groups new to each other or teams in the process of forming. With a focus on strengthening relationships and improving team problem solving, our Jumpstart program includes a series of fast-paced ground-level challenges followed by short discussions to help participants gain insight into teamwork and group problem solving. This program is ideal for groups that want to build relationships, establish basic working standards, and create an effective collaborative environment.

The Jumpstart Program is ideal for:

  • School groups, grades five and up
  • Student leadership groups and student governments
  • Teacher groups and school staffs
  • Peer mentor groups
  • Athletic teams
  • Non-profit organizations
  • College sorority and fraternity pledge classes
  • Summer camps
  • Social groups and clubs
  • Freshman orientation programs
  • Youth groups

Half-day session: $22.95/participant with minimum of 15
Full-day session: $39.95/participant with minumum of 15

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Teaming Up!

Teaming Up! Team Building Program

The Teaming Up! Team Building Program is designed for existing groups and intact teams. It focuses on more in-depth team challenges and a fast-paced experience on either the high ropes course or the climbing wall. Programs can be tailored to meet a vairety of different group objectives, from testing assumptions and misperceptions about potential and ability, to learning how to achieve exceptional results through teamwork.

Common themes include:

  • Group communication
  • Trust building
  • Shared risk-taking
  • Strategic problem-solving
  • Change management; and
  • Building toward a culture of achievement and high performance

4.5-hour session: $32.95/participant with minimum of 15
Full-day session: $42.95/participant with a minumum of 15

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Leading Up!

Leading Up! Leadership Development Program

Intended for student government groups, publication boards, class officers, event committees, and others, this program provides the ultimate in fast-paced leadership development. Based on Joe's Five Tips for Student Leaders, activities begin with a leadership assessment instrument and a progression of exciting challenges that will bring out the best leadership skills from every member of your group. Then it is on to the high ropes course, where the groups will create and implement a plan for completing a series of high-element challenges within a set period of time. The day will end with a thorough discussion of process and results, culminating in an action plan for continuing leadership development back at school.

Full-day session: $45.95/participant with minimum of 15

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Fieldhouse Challenge

Fieldhouse Challenge

This non-stop action program focuses on friendly competition among teams moving through the Fieldhouse from ground to court and on into the air, scoring points to set the Fieldhouse record. Teams will encounter challenges that require them to work together to solve problems, develop plans, test their abilities, and have fun. Along the way they will experience all the Fieldhouse has to offer as they practice the skills and improve their understanding of what a team can really be. The Fieldhouse Challenge is more structured than the conventional field trip and offers groups the educational opportunity to participate in a variety of team events including the high ropes course, climbing wall, miniature golf, and more.

2-hour session: $19.95/participant with minimum of 60
3-hour session: $22.95/participant with minimum of 60
4-hour session: $25.95/participant with minimum of 60

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The Joe Dumars' Team and Leadership Center is a partnership between the Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse and S.T.E.P.S., Inc., a national leader in adventure education programming and ropes challenge course program development and construction.  For more information, or to schedule a program, please contact the offices of S.T.E.P.S., Inc. at (734) 416-1565 or e-mail

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